The Bottom Line about Online Marketing Clients

When visitor arrives at your site, you have THREE seconds to do the following:

Convince the visitor that he or she made a good choice in coming to your site
Convince the visitor that you are credible and helpful
Persuade the visitor to contact you for more information

Does your website meet these objectives?

The Double-Edged Sword of Paid Search

Paid search is the most revolutionary development in advertising in a generation. Never before has it been possible to apply accurate ROI metrics to advertising.

HOWEVER, Paid search can mean intense pain for non-specialists. Google Adwords and other pay per click products are powerful but they are not for amateurs. To compete and succeed you must have the help of an experienced specialist.

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We want our clients to be successful. We pride ourselves on our ability to create and upgrade websites and marketing campaigns that are effective and cost efficient. Our clients range from small local businesses that are able to develop new business with a single landing page to large ecommerce sites with thousands of pages. Here is a partial list of our clients.

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